Full Service Pharmacy

For over 30 years Boggio Family of Pharmacies has provided a full service pharmacy solution for our patients. Our registered pharmacists are constantly driving the pharmacy profession forward, developing and offering personalized pharmacy services to suit the unique needs of our customers.

At Boggio Family of Pharmacies, we serve all of our patients with the level of care, compassion and integrity that we would provide to a member of our own family.

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Medication Reviews

Medications can be confusing especially if you’re taking 3 or more everyday! Let our pharmacists simplify them for you during a one-on-one MedsCheck!

Medication Reviews

Custom Prescription Compounding

Medication personalized for your health, made in strengths that treat your condition, mixed into dosage forms that make it easy and convenient for you to take!

We customize your medications to your unique needs!


Medication Packaging Options

Your Medications, Made Easy.

Focus on what makes life enjoyable, let us simplify your medications to keep you healthy.


Immunizations and Travel Health

We make vaccinations convenient, fast and comfortable.

Have your vaccine administered by our Injection Certified Pharmacists directly in the pharmacy. Walk-ins welcome!


Minor Ailments Assessment

Pharmacists can now assess, treat, and prescribe a number of minor ailments and illnesses.

Skip the line at the Urgent Care, speak with our pharmacists first for convenient advice and medication recommendations that will have you feeling normal in no time.

Many minor, non-urgent medical conditions and symptoms can be easily managed with the advice, referral and medication recommendation of our pharmacists. Our pharmacists are trained to refer complex or urgent cases that cannot be properly managed without prescription therapy and monitoring.

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Assisted Living Programs & Support

With Boggio Family of Pharmacies the solution to the problems you encounter on a daily basis in your Long Term Care (LTC) or assisted living home is one phone call away!

Boggio Pharmacy prides itself on its high level of support for the teams caring for residents in a LTC or Assisted living environment. Our unique selection of pharmacy and independent living support, services and products is a perfect match for the issues LTC and assisted living staff encounter on a daily basis.

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Addiction Treatment and Support

Nicotine? Opiates? Alcohol? Stimulants? Benzodiazepines?

Addiction comes in many different shapes and sizes. It is a complex process where problematic patterns of substance use or behaviours interfere with a person’s life and wellbeing. It affects people of all ages and socioeconomic status. Addiction can lead to poor health outcomes if left untreated. Addiction recovery can be tough, ask our pharmacists for assistance in getting your life back!

At Boggio Family of Pharmacies you can expect a safe and non-judgemental environment where our pharmacists support you through your recovery journey with the compassion and respect you deserve. We look forward to helping you through your journey!

For physician assisted addiction treatment please visit Segue Clinic.


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